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We love to support each other in our efforts and endeavours. Sometimes an entrepreneurial spirit is ignited post cancer diagnosis; other times, it has always lived there, and we returned to our interests when it was right. Find information and links to some of our writings, blogs, interests, projects or businesses. 

Val is a presenter for Younique Makeup & Skin Care

Younique has been around for 8 years and offers makeup and skin care.  Younique is a big advocate for women who are victim of sexual abuse, in fact 10% of our sales goes directly to the Foundation.

These products have helped me regain my confidence after cancer!! Contact me if you have any questions!!!

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The (Un)Organized Mind Blog

Samantha was a fellow OMG'er who blogged about her breast cancer experience after being diagnosed with Stage 3 at the age of 26 years old and progressing to Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Sadly, Sam passed away in 2021 but her musings and legacy live on through her writing and advocacy efforts.

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 Turning the Page on Cancer

A fundraising and awareness initiative for the Metastatic Breast Cancer cause. Originally created by Samantha Price-Mitchell, it is now led by a Planning Committee comprised of Samantha's loved ones. Since its inception in 2019, TTPOC has raised over $150,000 supporting both the Canadian Cancer Society's Metastatic Futures Fund and Rethink Breast Cancer's MBC Fund. Learn more at: 

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